Tulley’s Howl

Lindsay Monteath has recently met with some notoriety, playing ‘Grandma’, at Tulley’s Farm. This is live theatre with little or no script! A part which calls for spontaneity and the confidence to mingle with crowds and queues.

Hotel de Basquervilles

Check in… if you dare!

Grandma Lycanthrope, ever the entrepreneur, has started a new business.  Once a month all the livestock seem to get attacked by ‘unknown’ wild animals, so she decided that perhaps running a hotel would be simpler.  After all, they have that lovely old house that’s been sitting empty for generations…

Well, not entirely empty, if you count all the previous generations of Lycanthropes whose spirits have never left… But Grandma is convinced that they will only add to the ‘family friendly atmosphere’.  But these spirits are not happy about the recent changes to their home and their mood is far from family friendly.

Check in… if you dare.

Tulleys Hotel

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